Extra Belongings

EDS is not responsible for children’s belongings including hairclips, jewelry, and clothing.

All children need to have 2 full sets of extra clothes in their cubbies.  This includes tops, bottoms, underwear, and socks.  Children should also have an extra pair of shoes and an extra sweater or jacket.

Remember to label all your child’s belongings. It is the only way that the staff have to know which red sweatshirt belongs to whom. Please remember to replace your child’s extra clothes as they are used and/or they outgrow them, so they will always have them when needed.

If your child does not have extra clothes when needed, you may be required to bring extra clothes immediately and/or pick up your child. 

They may return to care when there are extra clothes available and the child is wearing clean, dry clothing.

Children’s clothing is very important at the center. Think of your child’s comfort – and provide simple clothing free of fastenings. Think of the messy activities – and provide clothing that is dirtyable. Think of our playground – and provide clothing that is sturdy. Think of our changeable weather and provide warm cover-ups. Finally, think of our collection of unlabeled, unclaimed clothing – and label everything. Children are encouraged to change their own clothing as they become developmentally able. Help is provided as needed. However, children will not be coerced to dress by physical force at any time.