Families are required to supply the diapers and wipes that their child needs.

Caregivers check diapers approximately every two to two 1/2 hours as well as when children wake up from naps. This means that your child will need about 25 diapers a week. 

All diaper changes are marked on the diapering chart by the classroom changing station and/or in the Learning Genie App. When your child is running low on diapers or wipes, you will receive a item needed slip. 

Caregivers try to give families advanced warning when supplies are getting low.  If you have not replenished your child’s supplies after receiving your notice, you will be called either to bring what is needed immediately or to pick up your child until you are able to bring in more supplies. 

Children will NOT be accepted if they are out of diapers/wipes.  If you have borrowed diapers from EDS, those diapers will need to be replaced in addition to bringing a new supply for your child.

Additionally, families are required to check their child’s diaper upon arrival and change the child if needed. This is for the health of your child and will ensure that they can start the day with no interruptions. Children will be refused services for that day if a family and/or drop-off person refuses to do so.

See below for additional information on potty learning.

Toilet Learning #

We feel it is important to only introduce a new task when it is developmentally appropriate to do so. The rush to “potty train” is often premature and can be harmful to the child’s emotional development. At home, your child may be eager to sit on the toilet and be successful most of the time. At the children’s center it is a different environment.

Special care must be taken to ensure your child’s sense of security and trust are well established before we begin. We are focused on the whole child as opposed to the mere attainment of goals and milestones. We have specific guidelines and policies concerning toilet learning that stem from these beliefs.

We will facilitate toilet learning when the child is ready, not when parents/guardians are ready. If you feel your child is showing signs of readiness, please set up a time to speak with your child’s Lead Teacher and they will begin the process with your child. If, after starting the process, it is determined that your child is not ready, we will not force them.

Children who are learning to use the toilet independently will need plenty of underwear changes and possibly diapers for naptime for a while.

Please be sure your child wears clothes that are easily removed when toilet learning. No overalls, snap crotch pants or one-piece jumpers. If your child does have an accident during the day the soiled clothing is put in a plastic bag and is then placed in your child’s cubby. When your child uses his spare clothing make sure you bring in new ones the next day.

When is a child ready to begin? #

When they are completely off the bottle.

When they sleep through the night dry.

When they tell you, their diaper is soiled.

When they can get on and off the toilet with little assistance.

When they can pull up/down their own pants.

What to do if your child is ready? #

Speak with the Lead Teacher in the classroom.

Pull ups, a good idea? #

Please remember that a pull up feels the same as a diaper to your child.

If your child cannot pull them up and down unassisted there is no benefit.

They are best used at the end of toilet training when there are few accidents, or at night.

What is our process to facilitate toilet learning? #

Your child will need at least 4 complete changes of clothes (including socks & shoes). Do not send your child in a one-piece outfit, onesie or overalls, as these are difficult for them to get on and off.

At regular intervals, not to exceed 2 hours in length, we will ask your child if they would like to sit on the toilet. Additionally, they may walk to the bathroom and put themselves on the seat if they wish.

A teacher will help them wipe, and a diaper will be put back on.


A child who is new to underpants will be asked to sit on the toilet at every diaper change.

The child will pull their pants and underpants down and sit on the toilet.

The child will wipe and pull the pants and underpants back on.

If your child has been changed into their last set of spare clothes (due to accidents) we will put them into a diaper for the remainder of that day. If your child is not ready to perform these tasks, a reassessment of readiness will be done with the parent/guardian. We are here to be your partner in this process. If you have any questions about this information, please feel free to talk to your Lead Teacher/Center Director