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Parents are required to supply the diapers and wipes that their child needs. Caregivers check diapers approximately every two to two 1/2 hours. This means that your child will need about 25 diapers a week. All diaper changes are marked on the diapering chart by the changing station or their personalized developmental plan. When your child is running low on diapers or wipes, a note will be sent home that you sign. Caregivers try to give parents advance warning when supplies are getting low. If you have not resupplied your child’s diapers after receiving your notice, you will be called either to bring what is needed immediately or to pick up your child until you are able to bring in more supplies. Children will NOT be accepted if they are out of diapers/wipes. If you have borrowed diapers from EDS, those diapers will need to be replaced in addition to bringing a new supply for your child.

Additionally, parents are required to check their child’s diaper upon arrival and change the child if needed. This is for the health of your child and will ensure that (s)he can start the day with no interruptions. Children will be refused services for that day if a parent and/or dropoff person refuses to do so.

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