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Each and every child must arrive by 9:30am and be signed in and out each day. The signature must be a full, legal signature, initials are unacceptable. If you fail to sign your child properly more than three times, you will be called to come back and sign them in. This is a LEGAL licensing requirement. In addition, any parent found writing a different time on their sign in/out sheet than when they actually pick up or drop off will be issued warnings up to and including termination of services. Parents must give written notification directly to administration if their child is to be taken from the center by someone not listed on the Identification & Emergency Form. Anyone picking up the child must be 18 years of age and will be asked to show picture ID. We will not accept a phone authorization to allow someone not listed on the Identification and Emergency Form to pick up the child. This is for the safety of your children. No exceptions will be made.

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